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I can’t believe my last post was in September o.O
I feel like it as only a few weeks ago. That’s the problem with school though, everything besides homework and studying seems to fly by.
The winter break was definitely too short even though I *feel* like I accomplished a lot. I guess it was a lot from a personal hobbies standpoint vs. the stuff I have to do in studio.

Unfortunately, I probably won’t get to do much on here until much later. It’s the second week of school and everything is already full steam ahead. I’m excited about the studio project, my politics and culture class, my culture of the japanese family class and even building systems so this academic semester looks promising at the very least. Work is…good. I just wish I had the time to share it with everyone.

Really hoping I can shoot for at least 1 post/month.
Until next time,


First off Happy May!
Easter just passed and school is about to end. Final review is this Friday and summer starts in two weeks. I wish I were able to update more in the past month because I have been doing fun non-school stuff but just too busy to post.

In short:
Pho Reviews – Pho Saigon, Cafe Da Lat, Streetfood Asia
Baking quiches
Chad’s birthday Key Lime pie
(being 20 y/o still)
My poor nails…

Photos and elaborations: TBD

Talk about a hiatus. I just passed the halfway point of the Fall semester and no posts about anything yet DD:

It’s not like nothing has happened. In fact it’s quite the opposite. I’ve just been way too busy to update on anything. There’s a lot of exciting stuff that’s happening right now too:
Studio design project (finally)
ASF Youth Conference
St. Charles t-shirts
My uncontrollable obsession with SHINee
and I’ve moved on from taping addenda :D

UNM’s fall break actually ends today so I’m pretty dumb for leaving all my homework for tonight. But I am who I am so probably no elaboration until the end of the week. Most definitely there will be pictures. If not by me then of me on facebook :P

[extra] Links dump. I really don’t like having too many 1-page/article/picture/video bookmarks. But they’re still cool to have on file somewhere

and a quote
If a tiny spark of God’s love already burns within you, do not expose it to the wind, for it may get blown out…. Stay quiet with God. Do not spend your time in useless chatter…. Do not give yourself to others so completely that you have nothing left for yourself. – St. Charles Borromeo