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I ordered a few pairs of shoes off of AliExpress a few weeks before my birthday thinking that they’d make for a nice present for myself. Unfortunately since they were coming from China, they just got to me and I wasn’t completely sure what I was getting in terms of material quality and descriptive accuracy.

They’re all pretty nice for the most part. The brown booties were supposed to be grey (the seller said they ran out of stock right after my order was submitted) and I thought that they’d be made out of a softer material like faux suede but they are totally plastic and kind of hard to get into. Also I don’t know if I’m already too used to my new platforms but the sole on the booties were giving away and bending. I felt like I couldn’t even stand still in them without falling over. I’m too lazy to send them back and I’ve already trashed the box it came in. But the good news is I got all of the shoes for roughly $25 each so I didn’t waste that much money. 3/4 isn’t bad, especially when the other 3 are way cute and surprisingly comfy.

I might buy from that site again just because it has a great variety of stuff and you can typically find competitive rates/free shipping deals for the same products. I’d be wary of the quality of the some of the stuff though. I’ve ordered from a few times and a lot of their clothes (especially jackets) are real thin compared to clothes that I can get here in the States. I won’t be buying anything for a while though not with two trips to pay off on my credit balance D:


I got a Tumblr a few days ago. I don’t really know why though. I heard that it was a lot nicer than WP in terms of user interface… something about the design. But whoever said that has to be talking to the most ADDest of bloggers because I don’t find it to be anymore organized than WP. Then again I’ve been familiar with blogs and blog HTML for so long that I really don’t gain anything from them sorting different formats out into giant graphic icon categories… in short: I was not impressed.

I also heard that it’s great for photographers and people who like to post pictures so I tested that out today [link] with some pictures of Edward napping when I was on the computer last week. Apparently people can post to blog “communities” (I’m assuming it’s like LJ comms) and that way you can get your artwork/images into the internet circulation. But that’s why I have a dA…not that there’s anything on it yet D: so I’m just not sure if I’m going to keep it or not… I still want to remake my LJ just because I still download stuff from there sometimes and nokshus has become obsolete.

I never really follow other people on blogs which I guess defeats the purpose of having a public blog. I blog personal stuff for myself most of the time but I don’t mind other people reading/seeing it. I just don’t advertise since, especially with this one, I’ve been trying to be more honest about how I view myself, other people and the world around me. I don’t yet have too much commentary on here but I think that’s because it’s the summer and nothing has really pissed me off too much :P

Surprisingly you can get more from my once a week posts here than you can on my Facebook but I don’t think I’m about ready to have my friends read this stuff.

This Saturday will be the official halfway point of my college life. 97 weeks since I started college and roughly 97 weeks until I intend to graduate. Sadly living at home with no job was not where I though I would be right now but what can you do about that.
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