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and Room Round-up.

I’ve done watermelon slices on each finger before but I thought that might be a little too tacky for wearing to work. And since I’ve been trying to cut back on the nail colors and especially the nail polish remover I went for something different.

It’s a new style that I’ve been doing where I “accent” one nail with a whole different color. I never saw it on anyone else until after I first tried it so I’ll just say I invented it, like how my mom invented the quesadilla.

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Hot hot summer.

New Mexico is constantly on FiYah!
but seriously it’s kind of scary and hopefully there aren’t any inconsiderate douches lighting illegal fireworks over independence weekend. I’m all for the ban. USA! USA! but safety first.

Visual recap:
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except that there was no thyme in the spice paste… just needed an excuse to not work on studio project D:

Delicious nevertheless. It took forever to cook the potatoes all the way through. I kept having to add more water so that it wouldn’t reduce too much before the veggies were done.

Now off to do homework!

Not really, I just love to procrastinate and this market master plan is not going so well for me. I’m not even necessarily distracted from homework this semester (I was too into SHINee’s Hello promotions last autumn), I just haven’t really been inspired yet.

Two main reasons: it’s a master plan + shading structure. Which is a lot to design but we’re not allowed to design anything?? “Not yet” they say. But how do I design something without designing it…
Secondly is the sheer impracticality of the site. Of all places in downtown Albuquerque this site is just too restricted in terms of access. It’s placed well in the urban context but there are too many boundary conditions to take care of and I’m just not the type of designer to disregard them. I like rules and laws and parameters. I like keeping to budgets and only the minimum requirements rather than doing things like “I’m going to build a 15 story tower because it reflects the size of my ego and compensating for my lack of ____”.

Anyway here’s what I did manage to do instead of my homework.
Highlighter polish
It really vibrates in bright white lighting and outdoor shadows

From the yarn I got while in China. Only 4 hours to finish crocheting. Might try a different pattern with the pink/grey

Because you’d creep too if you saw how cute they were

Agape babies: Lydia, Esther, Joseph, Addison and Ruby.

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I can’t decide if I want to post all my photos online. For one, I’m not in any of them which means I can’t prove that I was ever there. Also straight from the memory card I had almost 7GB of pictures and a handful of videos.
What I really want to do is get some printed but that would be WAY too expensive since I have over 1200 images…
I thought about Tumbling a series of them like once a week or something but no one really reads my Tumblr. and I really only have it for kpopmacros. I should probably Facebook some just for good measure…

Until I decide here’s a few group shots to tide you over:
With Candy, Laura and Geno @ Agape Life House

With Mao @ the Square

Looking happy before climbing the Wall

OMG look
It’s the cup that I saw last holiday break in Santa Fe’s Doodlet store. It wasn’t there last month when we went up for these
mmm pink deliciousness. I ordered it off eBay because I wanted to treat myself for no reason. Got some other things too but they’re not here yet

I can’t believe it’s the last week of summer. Actually I can, things were just getting along a little too well. Of course that was before I deluded myself into thinking that the people I live with might actually have consciences. But lesson learned. I’ve lived most of my life knowing not to count on other people so it was my fault for assuming that anything had changed.

Also in true “Tun-trying-to-take-it-easy-during-break” tradition in this last week I’ve cleaned my room, the bathroom and the linen closet(?!?!).

Yes it needed cleaning. I took 9 bags of old linens and towels to Goodwill. I think some of those linens are older than I am. And I think there is still that much left in the top two shelves of the closet too. But I was too lazy to pull up a chair to get at it.