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AKA things that inspire me. These are mainly Green design bookmarks that I’ve collected over the summer. All from Inhabitat or Design Milk.

First and foremost Barbie is going to architecture school!

Ouch! Imagine the papercuts
These would go great with my chairs
Greatest game ever, now sticky
Simple concept = powerful change
Visualizations of sound

Upcycle series:
Coral from recycled magazines
Sharks from recycled tires
Waterfalls of plastic
Hotel Rooms from concrete pipes
Hospitals from shipping containers

UP house IRL. Plus a real life Wall-E!
Great use of solar panels to create a textured envelope. Plus it’s a dragon.
I love renovations. and castles
I wish I had gone in here during my visit to Beijing. Would’ve been a nice break in the dead of winter.
I got to see this lecture last year. This would be a great achievement for architecture and the green movement.
Sleek and simple. Definitely my aesthetic
The quintessential stock image for green roof design. Finally identified and credited… But I like this one more.
I want to go to school here and to church here

Legitimate Career reasons for me to go to SKorea

Design that really changes the world
P.S. Bill Gates is awesome


Summer starts officially for me after the Festival of Asian Cultures. It brings with it the first sunburn, and binge eating of the season even if there’s still technically a month until the solstice. A New Mexican summer usually lasts from mid-May to late-September when I’ll be back in school to start my *last* year of college. So it’s a little frightening that the summer is here already.
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talk about underground volcano. need to show Ariana this.

lattice house. must see the interiors

if churches looked more like this maybe i’d pray more :D

modern motherland

tron supermarket

city near where we stayed for the first week. never went into the super urban part though

Special needs center that hosted us in China. cute videos. i miss the kids already

and all this time i’ve just been using it to flavor food…

post-it houses

yay math!

yay agar!

Love him

Ballad singer


and Rapper

OWO I don’t think there is anyone more talented than him in Korea right now.
He definitely needs to make a lot of babies in the future. I’m not saying it HAS to be with me but I wouldn’t say no, just saying.

Talk about a hiatus. I just passed the halfway point of the Fall semester and no posts about anything yet DD:

It’s not like nothing has happened. In fact it’s quite the opposite. I’ve just been way too busy to update on anything. There’s a lot of exciting stuff that’s happening right now too:
Studio design project (finally)
ASF Youth Conference
St. Charles t-shirts
My uncontrollable obsession with SHINee
and I’ve moved on from taping addenda :D

UNM’s fall break actually ends today so I’m pretty dumb for leaving all my homework for tonight. But I am who I am so probably no elaboration until the end of the week. Most definitely there will be pictures. If not by me then of me on facebook :P

[extra] Links dump. I really don’t like having too many 1-page/article/picture/video bookmarks. But they’re still cool to have on file somewhere

and a quote
If a tiny spark of God’s love already burns within you, do not expose it to the wind, for it may get blown out…. Stay quiet with God. Do not spend your time in useless chatter…. Do not give yourself to others so completely that you have nothing left for yourself. – St. Charles Borromeo

Just some cool stuff that has caught my attention in the last few weeks

Some featured NM architecture
LOVE this house

Huge Art
Tiny Art

My future wedding ring
and Dining Chairs

Also revisited ABDC

Dance Compilation Season 3 winners: Quest Crew AKA Hot Asian guys

Dance Compilation Season 5 winners: Poreotics AKA Funny Viet guys. Also look up “Charles teaches Angles N Matt”. it is lol.

And of course you can’t forget the JABBA @ World of Dance: Pomona with some choreo from their headline show MÜS.I.C in Vegas this past May. They’re doing it again next week from the 19th to the 25th(!!!) too bad I have school D:

Curse you NMJACL! They extended the deadline for the poster contest. I could make another design by the new deadline. Too bad I’m only allowed one entry per person. Maybe I’ll do a totally different anime style like chibi and submit is under Bab’s name… I’m sure if I asked Esther she’d let me…
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