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2 posts in a week? The world must be ending. Or at least the random updates about my less than phenomenal life. Ironic considering my account name…

I’ve decided to try to refocus this blog into something that might be referential to people besides myself. I use blogs as less-than-personal diaries so I figure if it’s public it should serve public functions. I’ve managed to not make this a rant archive which is probably a platform first for me. And I’ve dabbled in a few reviews/opinions posts about things that interest me or that I have a certain familiarity with.

Topics generally including: Vietnamese food/local restaurants, cooking/baking/crafting/diy-ing, manicures/nail designs, traveling, site/sight seeing, architecture, architecture school/studio/internship, sustainability, j/k-pop/dramas, Catholicism/faith.

(Surprisingly now that I see it all spelled out this list really seems to define who I am, minus my closet Pokemon fanaticism.)

And since my church, student and personal lives aren’t (and shouldn’t be) autonomous I will now use new categories: New Vie†-Xican, Nhà-making, Edu-tecture, and Hallyu-llow fever.
We’ll see how long I can keep this up… (I give it a month :D)


Plastic Spoon Rose at Cut Out + Keep

Sakura Blossom Lampshade at Cut Out + Keep

Simplicity pattern 2212: Misses’ Dresses. Project Runway Collection. Dress pattern.

Learn Korean

And so ends Tết in New Mexico. Teo’s friend Tuan said that it would last for 3 weeks in Vietnam.
We did get that strange snow break last week right at the start of the New Year but of course I would never spend a day off being productive. I really should have gone to work more but that’s ok…

Tết resolutions: Blog more. Post more pictures (I haven’t even de-briefed about China on here yet D:) Eat healthier. Start cardio routine after Spring Break. No more impulse buys/Set a weekly budget. Draw for fun. Decide if I still want to be an architect… T_T

Been gone for a while dealing with events IRL. Also I don’t find myself to be extremely interesting so I always delay a post until there are many interesting things to write about.
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Just wanted to post a few visuals of those guys that I mentioned in the last post

Mukai Osamu

[2] [3]

Yamamoto Yusuke
[2] [NSFW lol]

Bonus: Mizushima Hiro I can’t believe he’s married T_T
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This Saturday will be the official halfway point of my college life. 97 weeks since I started college and roughly 97 weeks until I intend to graduate. Sadly living at home with no job was not where I though I would be right now but what can you do about that.
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My quest to finish listening and rating every single song in my itunes library has finally ended after 21 months of casually shuffling my ipod and itunes dj.

It started on September 12th 2008, when I moved all my music onto my first laptop, with the song “Lesson 4 Exercise4” by Ross King off of the Album “Elementary Korean” and ended tonight June 15th 2010, with “Eternal (Less Vocal)” from TVXQ’s single “My Destiny”

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