2 posts in a week? The world must be ending. Or at least the random updates about my less than phenomenal life. Ironic considering my account name…

I’ve decided to try to refocus this blog into something that might be referential to people besides myself. I use blogs as less-than-personal diaries so I figure if it’s public it should serve public functions. I’ve managed to not make this a rant archive which is probably a platform first for me. And I’ve dabbled in a few reviews/opinions posts about things that interest me or that I have a certain familiarity with.

Topics generally including: Vietnamese food/local restaurants, cooking/baking/crafting/diy-ing, manicures/nail designs, traveling, site/sight seeing, architecture, architecture school/studio/internship, sustainability, j/k-pop/dramas, Catholicism/faith.

(Surprisingly now that I see it all spelled out this list really seems to define who I am, minus my closet Pokemon fanaticism.)

And since my church, student and personal lives aren’t (and shouldn’t be) autonomous I will now use new categories: New Vie†-Xican, Nhà-making, Edu-tecture, and Hallyu-llow fever.
We’ll see how long I can keep this up… (I give it a month :D)