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AKA things that inspire me. These are mainly Green design bookmarks that I’ve collected over the summer. All from Inhabitat or Design Milk.

First and foremost Barbie is going to architecture school!

Ouch! Imagine the papercuts
These would go great with my chairs
Greatest game ever, now sticky
Simple concept = powerful change
Visualizations of sound

Upcycle series:
Coral from recycled magazines
Sharks from recycled tires
Waterfalls of plastic
Hotel Rooms from concrete pipes
Hospitals from shipping containers

UP house IRL. Plus a real life Wall-E!
Great use of solar panels to create a textured envelope. Plus it’s a dragon.
I love renovations. and castles
I wish I had gone in here during my visit to Beijing. Would’ve been a nice break in the dead of winter.
I got to see this lecture last year. This would be a great achievement for architecture and the green movement.
Sleek and simple. Definitely my aesthetic
The quintessential stock image for green roof design. Finally identified and credited… But I like this one more.
I want to go to school here and to church here

Legitimate Career reasons for me to go to SKorea

Design that really changes the world
P.S. Bill Gates is awesome


Just some cool stuff that has caught my attention in the last few weeks

Some featured NM architecture
LOVE this house

Huge Art
Tiny Art

My future wedding ring
and Dining Chairs

Also revisited ABDC

Dance Compilation Season 3 winners: Quest Crew AKA Hot Asian guys

Dance Compilation Season 5 winners: Poreotics AKA Funny Viet guys. Also look up “Charles teaches Angles N Matt”. it is lol.

And of course you can’t forget the JABBA @ World of Dance: Pomona with some choreo from their headline show MÜS.I.C in Vegas this past May. They’re doing it again next week from the 19th to the 25th(!!!) too bad I have school D:

I drew a picture for the New Mexico Japanese American Citizens League’s Aki Matsuri poster contest. The theme this year is Anime which I’m still not sure about whether I can draw it or not but I wanted to do something productive last week.

Here it is:

That’s actually the poster design. Which is what I thought the contest was about but their wording in the contest rules threw me off a bit so I made “artwork” that I myself incorporated into a poster design. I didn’t label it like that when I handed it in this morning but I hope they understand that it’s the same image in two different contexts. Sorry NMJACL, I’m a designer not an anime artist.
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how’s this?
Star Tat

$5 please :D