Edu-tecture: n. the process and struggle of learning architecture from an undergraduate/intern’s point of view

ADA      American Disabilities Act
AFF      Above Finished Floor
AIA      American Institute of Architects
AIAS      American Institute of Architecture Students
ANSI      American National Standards Institute
ARE      Architect Registration Examination
ASI      Architectural Supplemental Information
ASTM      American Society for Testing and Materials
BIM      Building Information Modeling
CAD      Computer-aided Design
CDs      Construction Documents
CEU      Continuing Education Unit
CMAR      Construction Manager At Risk
DD      Design Development
EIFS      Exterior Insulation Finishing System
FACS      Family and Consumer Sciences
HM      Hollow metal
HVAC      Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
IBC      International Building Code
IDF      Intermediate distribution frame
IDP      Intern Development Program
LEED      Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
MCR      Modify/Change Request
MDF      Main Distribution Frame
NCARB      National Council of Architectural Registration Boards
OT/PT      Occupational/Physical Therapy
RCP      Reflected Ceiling Plan
RFI      Request for Information
RFP      Request for Proposal
SD      Schematic Design
W/SV      Wood solid core/Stain and Varnish
VCT      Vinyl Composition Tile
VOC      Volatile Organic Compound