and Room Round-up.

I’ve done watermelon slices on each finger before but I thought that might be a little too tacky for wearing to work. And since I’ve been trying to cut back on the nail colors and especially the nail polish remover I went for something different.

It’s a new style that I’ve been doing where I “accent” one nail with a whole different color. I never saw it on anyone else until after I first tried it so I’ll just say I invented it, like how my mom invented the quesadilla.

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Either I’m allergic to cleaning or I am more susceptible to dust and pollen than I thought. :C

I seriously felt like my chest was about to collapse but that’s what I get for not wearing my dust mask while trying to vacuum between the bed and the wall, or what I call the abyss.

It is now cleaning day 3 of my annual room revamp. Day 1 was recycling and clothing donation. Day 2 I was only able to finish vacuuming because I had to help my dad pick up the new car. Day 3 is closet cleanup and art attack. Both of which have progress photos that I will post later because I am literally in the middle of finishing it up right now. Not to mention having to sort the laundry that was carried over from yesterday. AND I try to be in bed by midnight but that’s definitely not happening…

Hot hot summer.

New Mexico is constantly on FiYah!
but seriously it’s kind of scary and hopefully there aren’t any inconsiderate douches lighting illegal fireworks over independence weekend. I’m all for the ban. USA! USA! but safety first.

Visual recap:
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Last 3 weekends have been awesome.
3-Memorial weekend Be and I went shopping. First new clothes in 4-5 months. Then Carlsbad/Roswell Family outing.
Last weekend was Fr. Tree’s QuinceƱero in Santa Fe.
This last weekend was Rebuilding Together Albuquerque and St. Charles’ 1st annual Inaugural Parish Fiestas.
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Plastic Spoon Rose at Cut Out + Keep

Sakura Blossom Lampshade at Cut Out + Keep

Simplicity pattern 2212: Misses’ Dresses. Project Runway Collection. Dress pattern.

Learn Korean

Summer starts officially for me after the Festival of Asian Cultures. It brings with it the first sunburn, and binge eating of the season even if there’s still technically a month until the solstice. A New Mexican summer usually lasts from mid-May to late-September when I’ll be back in school to start my *last* year of college. So it’s a little frightening that the summer is here already.
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my new cruising song. sooo catchy