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I can’t believe my last post was in September o.O
I feel like it as only a few weeks ago. That’s the problem with school though, everything besides homework and studying seems to fly by.
The winter break was definitely too short even though I *feel* like I accomplished a lot. I guess it was a lot from a personal hobbies standpoint vs. the stuff I have to do in studio.

Unfortunately, I probably won’t get to do much on here until much later. It’s the second week of school and everything is already full steam ahead. I’m excited about the studio project, my politics and culture class, my culture of the japanese family class and even building systems so this academic semester looks promising at the very least. Work is…good. I just wish I had the time to share it with everyone.

Really hoping I can shoot for at least 1 post/month.
Until next time,


My quest to finish listening and rating every single song in my itunes library has finally ended after 21 months of casually shuffling my ipod and itunes dj.

It started on September 12th 2008, when I moved all my music onto my first laptop, with the song “Lesson 4 Exercise4” by Ross King off of the Album “Elementary Korean” and ended tonight June 15th 2010, with “Eternal (Less Vocal)” from TVXQ’s single “My Destiny”

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how’s this?
Star Tat

$5 please :D



So I’m not all that sure what this blog will be about. I seem to fail at blogging as proven by my livejournal account.¬† I haven’t dismantled it completely yet. Some archived rant postings but mostly to keep a record of the kinds of things I had time for before architecture school.

Speaking of which that’s hopefully what my new blog will be used for: architecture geared rants and the like. I feel like I bottle up a lot of my anger and frustration and it becomes unhelpful and mean spirited when I finally let it out like I did last Friday after pin-up. It’s not like I didn’t mean what I said, I just think I could have phrased it better and not made it seem like I’m a total bitch. Though I’ll admit I can be sometimes.

And that leads me to my other reason for this blog. I feel like I need to practice expressing my faith and beliefs more. I was recently (less than a year ago) inspired to be more proactive about what I believe in. It’s hard at this point in my college career to really sort out what I feel is right and wrong especially since a lot of people around me are doing things or I have to hear/read about it on Facebook. And hopefully this blog will help put my life in perspective and in comparison since my little sister will be starting college this coming fall. Yikes.

But as always we’ll see. I want to say 2 posts a week but I can’t even do that for the honor’s class I’m taking so…


Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

[EDIT] I’m leaving this post because it’s pretty funny. Plus it’s not like I need the real estate¬† :D