This Saturday will be the official halfway point of my college life. 97 weeks since I started college and roughly 97 weeks until I intend to graduate. Sadly living at home with no job was not where I though I would be right now but what can you do about that.

Also since this weekend is July 4th weekend and halfway through the summer break I finally decided to get started on some things that mom asked me to do. Those being: Get a job (working on that), line the skylight with plastic, kill the trees that are growing against the back wall, and cut the backyard grass. Out of these getting a job might be the easiest thing to do D:
But I did want to start killing the trees, so as soon as I got up today I went to the store to buy salt and other groceries and since I finally decided to be productive the world had to spite me and start down pouring as soon as I was ready to get to the car. I got drenched for being proactive too late in the summer. The rain was nice though.

I probably should’ve gotten up earlier than 3pm to go shopping but since Babs and I were up til 5ish to finish a dorama, that is easier said than done. The drama was nice though, not overly dramatic or sappy. Then again Atashinchi no Danshi is a comedy first and foremost. Yamamoto Yusuke was looking HOT as ever. Was super surprised at Mukai Osamu though. He is also smoking. Apparently I had seen him before in Nodame as a cello player but it must have been an extremely small role for me not to have noticed him. Also related to Nodame and in Atashinchi was Eita’s little brother. More cute/funny than hot though. He takes after his brother I guess :D

I’ve also been getting back into reading manga for some reason. I think the fact that I’m actually trying to relax and have a summer break is letting me revisit a lot of my old hobbies. I don’t know why but I’ve really fallen out of love with Kpop and Kdramas. The music mostly because there seems to be a new rookie boy/girl band debuting every two weeks with bad vocalists. And kdramas are just too too sappy for me now. Romance is great but it’s always the same love triangle formula that makes one of the competing guys look awful in the end.

Anyway about the manga. I heard that Hiromu Arakawa finally finished Fullmetal Alchemist one of my original fandoms from years ago. I was super glad that it didn’t drag out too long like my other old flame (I’m talking to you Kubo Tite), and I actually read the last few chapters of the series in scanlations. I realized that I missed about 1/3 of the story but it was still understandable and she didn’t cop out in the end in terms of how things were resolved. Basically I’m glad that it ended and that ended well.

I also rewatched Ouran High School Host Club which was the last complete weekly anime series that I watched before giving it all up in early 2007. It’s a shojo which is rare for me especially after being frustrated with Fruits Basket. But I love that series, the characters are interesting in the sense that they are basically responding to their inevitable circumstances unlike Fruits Basket where I felt a lot of the characters were just giving up. The comparison between heroines also makes me like Ouran a lot more. Did I mention that the anime was also produced by BONES, the same company that does FullMetal? The manga goes beyond the anime story and right about now (chapter 80) Bisco Hatori is starting to finish it up. The next chapter won’t be out until late July though… I can’t wait.

Other Japanese culture related news: We went to the picnic yesterday and ate food and played BINGO. The four of us won 5 times, even though only 3 of us won things. I might take pictures of them tomorrow. They apparently had all the poster entries at the picnic and I was really tempted to go look but I think I was also scared to see what I was going up against…

They announced that there would be a cosplay contest at Akimatsuri and I really wanted to do something for it. Not sure if the sibs want in on it. They said they would if I made the costumes but I’ve never really cosplayed before and you never know how they’re going to judge these things. I want to be able to craft the costumes well but I don’t want to cop out and do Bleach or Naruto or even FullMetal. But a 4 person cast that’s popular enough to be recognized and not one of those three in NM is hard to do :/